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Cindy-Ann Boisson is a standup comedian born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, and based in Florida.


Cindy-Ann started her career as a comedian in 2014 when coming to terms with empty nest syndrome. A stand-up comedy class at the renowned Improv Comedy Club in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, made her believe in her talents and the beaming energy that resonates with her audience wherever she goes.  


A two-time finalist in the Florida's Funniest Female competition, Cindy-Ann has performed at the Boston Comedy Festival 2021, and in venues across Florida as well as Connecticut; London, UK; Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City and her home country of Trinidad and Tobago.


Professional goals aside, Cindy-Ann’s love for spreading joy helps her provide an escape from real world burdens through comedy to national and international audiences alike. She has opened for comedians Aida Rodriguez, Chad Daniels and Carlos Santos to name a few. 


A comedic messenger with the motto “everything can be funny but not everything is funny,” Cindy-Ann is determined to leave her mark and create meaningful connections through laughter. 

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