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Did someone say PARTAY?

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

'You CANNOT do that!' was the reaction of someone in response to my vision for Mauvais Langue.

Man, the negativity was so loud and so bold it shook me! Only for a moment though. I cried my tears and leaned HARD on the people who believed in me. The ones who supported my crazy ideas and although at the times the love was tough we worked through the kinks and they rallied with me. WE rallied with each other. Nuff phone calls. Plenty silence. ENDLESS prayers. The Love and Laughter flowed through the tears. My TRIBE CALLED BESS.

You know I have to admit, he was kinda right. I could not have done it but honey...WE did it and WE did it AGAIN!

PHEW! What a ride. WHAT A PARTAY!

Mauvais Langue was a success because of YOU! THANK YOU!!!

See you soon. Click this link

Check out the pics and please tag me on socials @cindyannboisson

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