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I am writing today from the standpoint of utmost gratitude and awe.

A few years ago I envisioned a children's comedy workshop. Back then I didn't have the exact template in mind. I was sure of two things: My love for working with children and my love for comedy. Fast forward to June 26, 2021. Workshop One of The Tickled series has surpassed even my most optimistic of expectations. Thank you to the parents for investing in your children and for trusting us. I would like to thank the children that came out and participated in what happened to be the most fulfilling production of my career to date. You see kids WILL let you know when they've just about had enough and, they never wanted the day to end!!!

I looked on in amazement. Their unique individual characters slowly emerged as the day progressed. They showed up and participated fully. The many ideas that they each brought and the ways that they engaged them with the information and lessons sparked joy deep in my heart that comedy will be in a good place for a long long time. Additionally, I was able to witness and admire a very mature sense of respect for each other among the children. Setting this Workshop up, I had no intentions of doing another. However, it appears that the demand to learn and interact with comedy may be too strong to deny and the children let me know that that they want more. For this my heart is completely full. Of course, none of it would not have been possible without the excellent helping hands that I was blessed with.

Florida Children's Theatre, I thank you for the space. Your patience and professionalism were appreciated.

Andrea Bennett and Jim Frederick came through and stayed the day. Their helping hands contributed greatly to the success of the event. Jim took to the stage early, generously sharing his experiences and knowledge. . Thank you to my sister-friend in comedy Esther Ku. Esther was on board from the get go and was so supportive throughout. The kids enjoyed her and devoured her every word of advice. The truth is, I think they thought she was their peer :-). Thank you for your selfless contribution Esther. Red Chair Catering! What a blessing to have them sponsor lunch! I am telling you if you ever need an event catered please give them a call and let them know I sent you. Visit their website Thank you always Jessica and Joe I would like to thank Broward Cultural Division for taking a chance on me. I was told that this is the first time they ever funded a comedy event. Hello?!?! Breaking down walls over here! I am forever thankful.

My sister for and from forever Joann Rudder surprised me with a box of water bottles she made especially for the children. If you don't already have one, get you a Joann Rudder in your life. Jo, I love you always.

Allana Williams (Ahlaynah), thank you for the mic covers.

And of course, we needed to document the fun! Thank you Abby Ballin for offering your services. You captured the magic that was TICKLED so beautifully!

I hope I didn't forget to thank anyone but if I did this last one is for you.


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