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And moving on to the finals...….

Cindy-Ann Jane!

Comic Cure's #FloridasFunniestFemale 2019 is over.

The way it works is, each funny lady performs a 3 minute set in the semi-final round. There's a 10-15 minute break so the judges can deliberate, then they announce the five finalists. The last to perform in the semi-final round performs first in the final round. #CindyAnnJane was the last and then she was the first. I am #CindyAnnJane........Yikes!!!!

Talk about sweat! I have all of two minutes to wrap my head around the fact that they just announced me as a #finalist, overthink my five minute set, then dispose of each of those thoughts because I am now second guessing if I am even #funny enough to be here and maybe.......should have never ever even entered this blasted competition in the first place!


My accent!

They won't understand my accent. They just heard it CIIIIN....and some people voted in your favour so just settle down and go be funny. I didn't win......but I did. I won myself over #iambecoming

Three years ago I entered this very competition. I remember thinking I was no where close to being ready for anything like this. I advanced to the finals then too. The following year I didn't. This year, I did.

June 30, 2014 I did my first standup routine at the Improv in Hard Rock, Hollywood, Florida. It was the very first time I told a shtick on a stage. Telling stories at a rum shop in #Trinidad was my stage...that was my THANG and I am damn good at it too. Now this. I had nooooo idea what to expect next. I knew then as I know now, I love to laugh, I love the sound of laughter and I love seeing others laugh. For years I was told I had the gift to make others laugh. I guess I'm slowly unwrapping my gift. Lots of unwrapping still to go....I'll tell you that!

The Finalists (Winner Kaycee: plaid shirt, extreme right)

It's funny how you discover so much about yourself when you start paying attention to you. This comedic journey has allowed me to discover so many facets to my personality and for that I am beyond grateful. I'm learning to acknowledge, appreciate, respect, support and enjoy people who ignite my soul. They are my tribe. We are our tribe called BESS.

Kristen, Cindy-Ann and Allan

In my glee

The sound of #laughter soothes my achy breaky heart. It truly does.

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