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Merci beaucoup!

A few years ago, I penned the idea of writing and producing my one woman show. I wanted it to be different. I wanted to showcase a different side of me. I needed the space to grow as a performer.

The first draft had little to no humour and it didn't appeal to me. I spent over a year rewriting, reimagining and rethinking the idea. About a year ago I put the idea to rest; i needed time.

I spent Summer 2023 in New York City, reigniting my acting career. It was life changing.

At the end of summer, I approached Prof. Duarte and asked if she would direct my One Woman Show and she agreed.

I was ecstatic!

The wheels were churning again.

I spent the next few months writing and editing. It was endless but lemme tell something to you. There was joy.

Everything just started to fall into place because after all...I am God's favourite.

Saturday March 23, 2024 was glorious.

Thank you to Aldi, Jon and Victoria for agreeing to be a part of this journey. Thank you for your time, advice and patience.

Thanks to Steve Filmrunner for his videography skills! Man, Steve you showed UP! Thank you.

Lando, my marketing advisor. Ah love yuh!

Cindy DaCastro. You said you were gonna come through and you did. Thank you.

To my Tribe called BESS...Allyuh BESS!!! Thank you for ALWAYS being there. Through the tears, the laughter, the noise and the silence. We got THIS.

And lastly to you! THANK YOU!

Please share the pics and tag us on the socials @cindyannboisson

Photos: Ricardo Reyes.

Thanks for the video Gene!

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