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One Word

Hmmmm...what's this about Cin?

I was chatting with my sister friend this morning and she mentioned the concept of assigning one word to your year instead of making resolutions (which, by the's that going? EEEEEK!). This was based on a book she recently completed.

We had a lengthy chat about it and said our goodbyes.

Of course I haven't stopped thinking about it since. Of course!

At the start of 2022 I chose uncomfortable as my word for the year (I didn't even know there was a book!). I announced on my socials and started off strong doing stuff intentionally that took me out of my comfort zone. I'll be honest (only because I promised you that I was gonna be more transparent and vulnerable), the days went by and I kinda forgot about it. BUT what ended up happening is that without even thinking about it yuh gyurl stepped out on the edge. A LOT!

Even when I felt as anxious as a low-hanging fruit sitting on the boundary fence of two quarrelsome neighbours, I took some deep breaths, had some in depth conversations with God and forged on.

Forged on I tell ya.

This year I realized I didn't choose a word. I rambled on about focusing on the seats that are filled. I wrote about training myself to give life to the things and the people who bring me joy. So far so good (kinda). What?!?!?! God still working on me! Relax. I think part of my struggle is always wanting to be right. Ouch! I said it. Whew! That one stung (in a kinda good and bad way).

We will get into that another time though...focus. (PS. I've rarely been wrong in my assessment of someone and what they represent to me. RARELY)

This year my word is WORTHY.

I am worth it and I know it.

So are you but I can't decide that for you: the call is yours.

Thank you for your time, your support and your laughter.

Let me know if you have ONE WORD.

Looking forward to your feedback.

Follow me on the socials and let's connect. @cindyannboisson.

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