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Something to 'Tickle' your fancy

The Tickled Childrens' Comedy Workshop is here!

This workshop has been on my vision board for years. I've always loved working with children, maybe because I am such a kid at heart or as my friends put it, way too playful for a grown adult! Yikes! So, receiving part funding from the The Broward Cultural Council is a dream come true. Someone pinch me please

On June 26, 2021, our one day workshop will introduce your wonderfully talented and unfiltered kids to the art of stand-up comedy. They will receive help to write and perform their own original ideas. Can you imagine YOUR kids turning their ideas into stand-up comedy? We sure can!

Let's help you change the conversations at your dinner table...or rather let's get those conversations started at the dinner table 😊

Register TODAY as spots are very limited

Click Link!

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