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Trice Tickled

Well, the third Tickled Children's Comedy Workshop was a H.I.T.....High Intensity Tickling.

What a DAY!

Before we celebrate this victory, let me be totally transparent. I was distressed the weeks/days leading up to the event because registration was slow. Usually the event is held at the start of summer but because of scheduling conflicts we had to change the date. STRESS!

We were considering postponing it but until when? The event is done with the support of the Broward Cultural Division and must take place within a specific time frame. We pushed and pushed and prayed and prayed. In the past we also never accepted more than 10 kids (last year we took on 11 and let me tell something to you...we were SPENT by the end of the day).

This year we managed six participants with two repeat attendees. It was PERFECT! PERFECT! Even our two repeat participants commented on how much more fun they had. It made sense too.

The wait time to perform was shorter. They were able to get to know each other better and this made for an amazing day. The emotional walls came tumbling down, we built trust and championed each other. Truly a remarkable experience for all of us.

THEN the performances! The kids took to the stage in front of their parents, siblings and new friends and aced it. They were confident, funny, fearless, supportive and well we were proud.

I guess they (whoever they are) ARE right. Third time's the charm.

Thank you to our sponsor Marc Martorana and his partner Wilton Manors Commissioner Don D'Arminio. To my friends Aldi and Jon for giving of their time and expertise. To Abby for putting together this amazing video which captured the true essence of the day.



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