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Uncovering Mauvais Langue

Mauvais Langue Uncovered, April 7, 2019 was going to be special. It was time to change things up. Dammit, I couldn't sleep (what name dat?). The cast was in place and things were 'inna gear' (in motion).

March 11, I get a text message. Kyle Grooms, my friend in comedy, who was making the trip to Trinidad with me needed emergency surgery; he couldn't travel. Uh! Unpredictable and so very fragile. Lawd have mercy! Now to find a replacement or maybe I can just do it alone? Ha!

Gene Harding is in and we are ready.

I remember thinking the Central Bank Auditorium would be too big. There's no way I'll fill the space. I didn't. At least not with bodies but, lemme tell something to you......the energy, comradery and laughter filled the room and talk overflowed into the streets of Port of Spain. Even more so, it filled my heart.

The lobby echoed with the sounds of steelpan played by ace pannist Keishaun Julien and framily members held court in the background.

The show started on time; my framily hadda time. Avion, Peter and Denice...thank you!

I'm uncovering myself. Unearthing things that have been covered deliberately or unintentionally. It's all part of the journey. Our personal journey. We are meant to uncover 'stuff'. All kinda stuff....the good stuff, the not-so-good stuff. I think they all become good stuff over time.

It's important to do good by people. Even more important is to surround yourself with good people. Your kinda good. My kinda good people I refer to as a 'Tribe called BESS'. My TRIBE......thank you.

Mauvais Langue is uncovering me.

See if yuh see yuhself in any pics dey (See if you are in any pictures ;-))

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