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Who Let The Dogs OWWWWT?

The tarmac at the Piarco International Airport was closed on Wednesday after stray dogs overtook the runway.

If you were curious enough you would have learned that the incident also forced a flight to turn around.

Admittedly, I first saw a meme about the incident and thought 'this is absurd'. That thought jolted me into the realization that I have been away from home for far too long. I felt heartbroken. Stray dogs are a huge part of our landscape. I should not have reacted in that way. I must do better. I will.

Look, I am terrified of dogs. TER.RI.FIED! Somehow, stray dogs don't scare me. Maybe I take comfort in knowing that we are both out there fending for ourselves.

Stray dogs overtook the runway?!!?!?!? Listen, once I processed the news and reconnected with my Trininess (which, btw is never buried too deep) I let out the best belly laugh!

My imagination took me to Miami International Airport. Join me on this hypothetical journey as they discover 'stray dogs' on the tarmac of M.I.A! Can you imagine the mayhem that would unfold if such were to occur? Can you even?

News outlets would flock to the location to cover the story of an abandoned/abused dog.

Heads would TURN!

There would be 'a weeping and a wailing and gnashing of teeth'.

So many questions: Who? What? Why? How?

The Kumbaya circle formed would last for days: something must be done to prevent this from EVAH happening again.

Someone call PETA!!!

Meanwhile, back HOME.........hundreds of voices, in unison, yell


And all is well with the world again.

Trinidad I love you sooooo...and yuh sister just as sweet.

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