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More Mauvais Langue

It's been a while since we all got together for some Mauvais Langue-ness. The last time we lime(d) was July 2019 and boy did we have a BLAST! (BTW, does the word lime even have a past tense? Also, for those of you who do not know, lime = hanging out),

Who knew we'd be stuck in March 2020 for almost two years? It's like the longest month in the history of all mankind. GEEZ.

Once the pandemic got on the way I never imagined we would have the chance to do this again. To do Mauvais Langue again. It wasn't on my mind. I watched as we all lost so much and could do so little to save the world. I grieved. I cried. I laughed. I cussed. I never stopped praying. Although at times I felt hopeless (and still do) I have never lost hope. I struggled to visualize what the world would look like as we each strived to figure it all out. I knew for sure that we need(ed) time. I know we each continue to grapple with all of it and let me tell something to you, it's plenty. I feel though that I even if I can't change the world I have the gift to change someone's day and can I be honest? I rely on your energy too. Each of you challenge me to be better (I mean some of you challenge me to be worse too but we are NOT focusing on that, I am just keeping my promise to be honest 😉).

I've gotten messages, phone calls, people stopping me on the streets asking "When's your next show. We NEED to laugh". There was no honest answer because I didn't think it was possible. Don't get me wrong, I've been performing and if you interact with me on social media, you would know! I've been performing. A lot. It's just that Mauvais Langue has always been more than about 'me performing'. It's about US and I knew we weren't ready to come together like that. Not yet. I'm hoping 2022 brings that healing. I'm planning for it.

When Mauvais Langue started I wanted to create an event that not only provided a stage for me to perform but also and more importantly to showcase other local talents. The idea was to fuse Florida with Trinidad and Tobago in a way that had never been done before and boy the end result was so electrifying the fuse almost short-circuit 😆 ! Thankfully we've always had the best on Tribe called BESS!

I'm writing to let you know, Mauvais Langue 2022 is on the horizon and I hope and pray we can each come together and heal through laughter.

Please follow me on social media, subscribe to the website and/or share this email blast with your framily. OR at the very least send some positive vibes TODAY to me or anyone for that matter. Watch the video below too.

You will be hearing from me soon.

Lots of love always

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