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A body without a sole

My shoe heel came off in #Publix. In Public; in #Publix.

I knocked the other one out....I had to.

I left home knowing it was about to give out. My favourite shoe didn't receive the familiar soles of my feet with the usual enthusiasm. There was some hesitance. Resistance rather, and it definitely affected my stride; my confidence waned. I love that damn shoe. I still do.

The fear of having your shoe heel fall off mid-stride is on the same level of possibly having the toilet seat liner catch on fire while attempting to use the good ole 'burning match' method to overwhelm the unpleasant smell. It can happen. It has happened, to me and maybe only me? So?

I was walking quickly too. It took four full length steps before I realized the reason for my sudden change in swag and offbeat hop-and-drop. Worn out, lying on the carpet looking like a sole without a body (see what I did there), it looked at me as if to say 'I tried to warn you Cin'.

This has happened to me before. Yeah, fuh trut. Years ago I visited Caracas, #Venezuela and I was told under no circumstances do I leave there without a leather shoe. I obeyed. A couple weeks after my return, as I mounted the pavement/sidewalk in downtown Port of Spain, #FrederickStreet to be exact, directly in front of #BurgerBoys, my shoe heel fell off - IN DE DRAIN.

So, picture it, mid-day hustle, traffic at a complete halt, street vendors hawking, co-workers shoo-shooing, vagrants just chilling and Cindy-Ann Jane hopping to the nearest cobbler to mend her shoe.

You see, I don't speak fluent shoe. Truth be told I have only ever really understood the 'tight shoe' language. Though it was a difficult language to grasp, once I got it? And my other personalities that were triggered got it? We ALL got it! If you have ever had a conversation with a 'Tight shoe'...I KNOW you get it. A tight shoe has and will always alter my personalities (all of them).

I walked back, about three feet, retrieved my shoe heel, knocked the other one out and continued with the business of the day.

Damn straight I #gorillaglued that shit. We are back together and heeling :-).

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