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Yuh girl on TOUR

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Look...I'll be honest, I do these promotional emails with the the same expression I imagine you have on your face when you receive them. Neither of us want this.

But, here's the dilemma. I want to perform and entertain you. I do. I love the sound of laughter and I especially love any opportunity to lime with my peeps. Plus, it's my career.

Additionally, I know you love to be entertained by me and my friends. You've said it and you've shown your support time and time again. Thank you ALWAYS.

So, I have to get the information out to you and you need the information from me so we don't miss an opportunity to see each other.

That's why I sit here, take a deep breath and send these blasts out to you, hoping you'll read them, share them and sometimes even respond (I love when you respond).

We both know that if I do not send these out there are a few of you who will be really upset (or at least pretend to be) that I didn't tell you about the show or didn't inform you about something or neglected to share my thoughts. Then, there are those of you that have your sources (I know about that too...I keep my ears to the ground or my eyes to the wind...however the saying goes, you get it).

In short...I do these blasts not because I want to but because we NEED them.

Have I done a good job convincing you that these blasts are necessary? Please say yes! I am also massaging my own a deep tissue massage type massage.

Here we go. PHEW! Is coming to you twice in November. It's AH TOUR!

First up, FLORIDA!

Date: November 13, 2022

Venue: Artserve, Fort Lauderdale.

Click this link for more info OR you can email me.


Date: November 20, 2022

Venue: Central Bank Auditorium, Port of Spain

Click the link or email me.

Alright we did it! See you guys SOON!

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