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Doh beg for gifts Cindy-Ann

Happy birthday to ME!

I think I've come to realize that my mum was right. She has always been right. Either that or maybe I am now okay with being wrong too. I find myself saying some the same things she used to say. In fact, too many of the same things. Dammit! All of things. I say all of the things I once thought were ridiculous and 'antiquated'. And yes, I also now believe 'when you stay out too late, all of the days, dew drops does fall on your face and make you look old.' Look, maybe she simply meant a lack of sleep ages you but, you have the admit the the 'dew drops' theory is a lil more scandalous.

Mum never wanted me announce to anyone it was my birthday. She felt if they knew me well enough and cared they would remember. Mum felt by making that announcement you were 'begging' for gifts. What if they gave you a gift you didn't like? People who don't know you can't possibly know what you like!!! They're just doing it because you kind of backed them up against the wall by telling them it's your birthday. Now what Cindy-Ann *tongue-tongue? How many house shaped cash pans do you really need? (remember cash pans? Do they still have those?)

As a result, I don't receive gifts very well. It's awkward. I don't receive compliments very well. I don't think it's genuine (is it really though?). I am a cynic.


I also love hard.

I have been blessed to encounter the most beautiful human beings ever. My 'tribe called bess' have showed up for me faithfully. My tribe have allowed me to be a part of their lives without qualification. We have laughed, cried, danced and cussed our way through birthdays, weddings, divorces, deaths, baptisms, new jobs, bacchanal (plenty baccahnal) and all the things that life continuously throw our way. No announcement necessary. EVER.

Mum was right. The people who KNOW...will know.

Well, okay, relax! I know! What about social media Cin? Yuh doh appreciate the greetings on there? I do but, I also know that if Facebook/Meta discontinued the birthday feature...I would be a-okay. Can I be honest for real for real? Sometimes I get greetings from people I doh even know. In fact, I once posted birthday greetings on someone's timeline who had passed away...ah telling yuh. This thing eh easy.

I say all of this to say Thank you for the wonderful birthday greetings.

Also, My TRIBE called BESS remains the undefeated champions of bessness!

And plus...

Know that if I love you, I truly do.


Cindy-Ann tongue-tongue (Mum called me that because I couldn't keep a still tongue! lololololol)

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