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Dearest Carnival

Sorry I missed you this year

Doesn't seem like you missed me as much tho…..with yuh brilliant high-spirited self

Yuh mash it down,

Yuh shell it down and

Yuh tun right over.

Over and over and over again.

Ah was watching yuh, yuh know.

I heard you from the distance loud and clear

and....I felt your presence

each day and everywhere.

Yeah, I carried you in my heart. In fact, you are always in my heart...ah love yuh since ah small.

Even when you're quiet, I think of you. Actually, it's when I show you off the most.

When you're quiet and resting up to come back to us? revive refuel our souls. remind us of who we really are?

That, my friend, is when I am all 'boas'y boas'y' about where I'm from.

I speak of you, because I see you in us. Yuh know?

I speak of your energy, your colour, your vibe, your ability to bring us together.....Oh Laaaaaawd.

Oh Carnival....ah miss yuh.

You are magical.

...….I'll see you again....real soon.


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