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Down the Cape :-)

If this were the early stages of the pandemic and people were diligently washing their hands and sanitizing the oils out of their skin, I would ask someone to pinch me. But.....eeewwwwww.

Yuh girl got accepted to perform at the Boston Comedy Festival November 9-13, 2021. I'm scheduled to take part in Prelim 3 on November 10, 2021. So, before I continue, mark the date, save the flyer and share this most exciting news with everyone you know in Boston and environs! To my Trini-Bostonians, send me a list of 'must dos' (limit it to things I can do indoors *eh).

I cannot believe it. Seriously, this was such a pleasant surprise. I had to reread the email a few times for the words to penetrate my several-times-rejected heart and also because I wasn't wearing my glasses. Then......a frisson of delight. Tis true, I am going to be a performer at the Boston Comedy Festival.

Of course I. am. crammed. with. self. doubt. It's how I roll! I still expect an email saying they made a mistake and the correspondence was really meant for Cynthia Boyson. But until that time I will gear UP!

I've had this on my vision board for a few years. Not the Boston Comedy Festival, although it's one of the longest running festivals, but a comedy festival. I believe in manifestation. I really do. With the exception of winning the lotto, I think it's a sure way to call things into being.

Anyways, I hope to see some of your faces at the festival.

Click the link below for more details.

Please also follow me on my socials for details on future shows and tings.

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