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I beg my pardon?

I would like to be more convincing. Being raised to question everything, even and often especially my personal thoughts, I tend to approach most of my talking points as though I wouldn’t be surprised to be taken as an imbecile.

This is what I sound like discussing topics that I’ve spent the better part of the last decade obsessing over:

“I think so, maybe… I could be wrong though I’ve never personally seen the world from outside.”

Sheepish. Some people have this special gift to make anything they say sound believable. No matter how odd or incorrect or defiant of physics it may seem, certain characters have the charisma to kick the chair out from under you and leave you sprawled out on the floor wondering where you went wrong with your system of belief acquisition.

Standing outside of a semi crowded deli yesterday waiting on my order a very nice woman ever so urgently came up to me, politely maintaining her six feet and said pointedly:

“Excuse me sir, PLEASE take that DOG inside you can’t have no DOG outside like that.”

I stared stuck as I was struck with the profundity of this statement. Before I could think of a response she shrugged and turned to get on her way. It took me until she had crossed the street to notice that I wasn’t even with-dog. All the way home I pondered the implications of the statements leveled at me. Was I the dog? Or perhaps an intended vessel for a bigger message? Did she know I would take her words all the way to print? I didn’t even know until I sat down to write this morning and her voice was the only noise I could hear in my head.

So many dogs and dog walkers in Brooklyn it is difficult to not be consumed by the possibility of what she may know? Who is her source? I had so many questions piled up I was tempted to go stand outside that same deli today and ask someone to borrow their pup for props. There was an unwavering element in her tone and voice that etched itself into my existence and now I’m unable to look at things the same way. If you have any information as to the origins of this theory let me know, perhaps we are going way more backward than our simple minds can manage to notice.

Submitted by XoKeegs

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