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Jus Now

Ten years ago I got on stage for the first time to tell some jokes. I can't even believe it. Did I just say ten years?

When I walked off the stage that first night I remember feeling all wobbly and woozy...thinking to myself...jus now this feeling will wear off. HA! I am living proof that 'Jus Now' can mean a minute or ten years. It's neither just nor's 'jus now'.

Okay before I lose any of you 'Jus Now' is a Trini thing. It's a tell tale sign of our lack of commitment. We will get there when we do. We will complete the task when we do. It will all be complete....Jus Now.

On June 30, I honour ten years in this industry and lemme tell something to you. What a fucking ride!

It's impossible to capture the essence of it all in one blog...maybe I'll write a book? Or perhaps another One-woman show? I don't know what form it'll take, I'll think on it and make a decision jus now 😉

I'll tell you what I know for sure. This industry has taught me to stand true to my beliefs. To never waiver on what I know to be true. To allow people to show exactly who they are, I mean, after all you are showing up as you are, why shouldn't they?

Fuck 'em. Seriously! Fuck 'em. Except not all of them but take a note.

Recently I saw this clip of Will Smith talking about the difference in being good and great. Like I know I am good but question whether I have what it takes to be great. Please, this is not an attempt to get anyone to pat me on my back. The truth is being great at anything requires sacrifice. It's means we have to get very uncomfortable. It's a very selfish act and that's okay. I don't know if I have what it takes to sacrifice it all, to get very uncomfortable or to be extremely selfish. Shit! I think I already sacrifice so much and also how much more uncomfortable does this Trini girl have to get? The world is S L O W L Y opening doors to people who look and sound like me and even so, the doors are slightly ajar!

Where was I? Oh yeah, I was telling you about what I have learned.

I continue to learn that nothing beats prayer. Believe me when I tell you I've tried all kinda ting and the one thing that continues to work for me is having deep conversations with God.

This journey has opened up endless possibilities. I have had to prise some doors open while some doors just swung open (almost knocking me out with a gust of goodness and fortune).

Ten years of laughter, learning, love and limin. Ten years of growth.

Cheers to you framily for allowing me into your hearts. Jus now I'll write a book.

Lots of love always.

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