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Just a #doggone minute!

Sigh.....I don't get it! Look, I have nothing against you and your son-dog, grand-puppy, daughter-pup, step-dog, service-dog....whatever the relationship! But for-fucks-sake can we all agree that it's #discourteous to walk YOUR pet in a public park unleashed? Your #humancanine bond does not include me! Aaaand.......Have you ever even heard of a 'dog park'?  You know, one where your 'insert relationship here' can go to meet his/her peers AND possibly lock eyes (or do they lock tails?) and establish a life-long canine companionship, one that is comparable to those we allow our children to form with their peers, because of course there is always the argument that having a dog is like having a child. Right? Riiiiiight?!!?

Earlier this week I asked a lady if she could kindly put the lead on the dog. "He doesn't bite and will only come toward you if you are wrapped in bacon. You're fine."

Whaaaaaaat the @#$%^&?!?!?!

I was quick with my response too "Ha! You may be shocked to learn of this but these leggings are in fact made from scraps of #bacon!" (Two can play this game!).

Oh and what about those courteous dog owners, who walk their dogs with a leash? Your now free-to-roam pet is free to act instinctively and put others in jeopardy!

Click this link to purchase a  #dogleash for someone in need ;-)

Cindy-Ann Jane

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