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Let's call 2020 *Trystan...

The way this year is going I definitely think it's a guy. His name is Trystan and Trystan just lost his virginity to his first love, she's older and more experienced so he is on cloud nine and plans on spending the rest of his life with her. But...He soon discovers she's pregnant...for his best friend. He's devastated. His team wins the Super Bowl tho, so he's back on track. To celebrate, he goes out for a night on the town but, his car, the one thing that makes him feel sexually attractive, is stolen. His high tech tracking system alerts the police and it is recovered unscathed. Relieved, Trystan goes out to the club and starts flirting with this chick he believes to be single, only to have her boyfriend kick him in the groin. He removes his mask to call for help and is stung in the mouth by a murder hornet. Much like 2020.......Trystan can't seem to get it together!

Man, we rang in the New Year with such gaiety and hope, I was sure this would be the year. This would be the year things would be different. I guess I was right...Things ARE different, very very different.

Back in 2016, together with the help of my 'Tribe called BESS', we planned and produced what was supposed to be the first and only 'Mauvais Langue - Cocktails and Comedy' event. It was a different experience for our West Indian diaspora in South Florida and the reviews were great! So great, we decided to make it an annual event.

'Thank you for bringing an original and unique experience to our area.' Nicolette John
'I haven't laughed that hard in forever.' Beth Hauser
'I had so much fun. Laughed so loud.' Stacy Henderson

'Mauvais Langue Cocktails and Comedy' became a staple in the community, with shows being held in South Florida during the summer and Trinidad and Tobago during Lent. To date we've produced seven shows. Each show had it's own unique flair but the pungent smell of intimacy and relaxation was consistent. We were, and still are, very proud and thankful for the opportunity to bring the community together in a way that hadn't been done before. Though laughter was the main ingredient the stage was set to showcase 'Trini' talent...West Indian talent. The entertainment featured both local and foreign acts. Boy, did we have a blast!

A dejected, pained Trystan rejected Mauvais Langue Cocktails and Comedy. He rejected the whole shebang! Both mine and yours.

Usually this is the time of year we are actively engaged in all things Mauvais Langue. Formulating the plans to make the community laugh until they belly buss! Gearing up for what had become the tickle event of the summer.

Sigh.......I can't deny it, I feel a great sense of loss and purpose. Standup comedy had become my thang. Gosh, I have fallen so deeply in love with comedy. Me and the mic were really getting into a groove and it was where I felt safe to say whatever the fuck was on my mind.

I know the lights will come back on and the atmosphere will be full of flavour...because we've had some time to select the best seasoning for our minds and our hearts. I am ready and I hope you are too.

Thank you! Thank for your love. The loudness of your love has truly allowed me and by extension Mauvais Langue, to thrive in the midst of all the uncertainty and self doubt.

  • *Trystan means tumult.

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