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May I be excused?

June 1, 2018! Excuse MAY? (See what I did there?)

Real quick question.....Whyyyy is time not taking the time to spend some time with time? I mean what's the rush here?  *#Geezanages........It's June 1, and I haven't even looked at my #vision board and by that I mean I really haven't laid eyes on the #vision board I would want to inscribe my visions on....sigh #procastinatoraficionado.

Did we even excuse May? I feel as if she just left abruptly.....RUDE! (what? You don't assign a gender to each month of the year? Well, you should consider it! And just so you know #September is a she).   

I'm trying to live in the #moment. Seize the #moment! Wait for the right #moment! You know, all that good stuff....Buuut imma need ah #moment...... you know what I'm saying?!?

Also, as I have your attention, should I even give a shit about this #PushaT vs. #Drake beef? Sidenote: I'm a #vegetarian.


*an exclamation of surprise, dismay, disbelief etc.

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