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More Mauvais Langue - The Recap

by Kristen Maikoo

If you were limin’ at Mauvais Langue Uncovered at ArtServe on July 28 before the show, you might’ve been nibbling on hors d’oeuvres circling around—tortellini and cheese kababs, oxtail, pholourie, empanadas—with music from steel pannist Wayne Hackett filling the air with sweet pan tunes.

Doors opened nearer to 5:01 p.m. and guests trickled in, some with sangrias in hand or an appetizer or two. They were treated to a magician (Remy Connor) asking them to pick a card, any card. Mesmerized, I was pleased he also had a joke or two up his sleeve.

“So long I ain’t see yuh! Look how t’ing does happen nah!” Singer Keba graced the stage with a cover of Nadia Batson’s “So Long,” followed by an empowering original song before the comedians performed their sets. It was a fitting choice because of the recurring attendees in its third show at ArtServe. It was easy to see the community and family vibes as producer Cindy-Ann Jane Boisson literally hugged each person after the show.

The lineup included five comedians—Mariannette Lapuppet, Jackie Sanchez, Julie Daez, Pam Bruno, with Cindy-Ann as the headliner.

Rob Lee, the lively host for the evening, provided introductions sprinkled between his own comedic bits. Mariannette spared no time in using her facial expressions to get the crowd cackling! Jackie’s name was called next.

A small, t-shirt clad person wandered onto the stage. As someone who is in their 20s, but looks 12, I related to several of Jackie’s jokes, which addressed her makeup-less, flat, nonchalant, awkward presence. Jackie may not have known any of the songs, as she said, but she knows her way around a joke.

Julie, who featured for Tiffany Haddish, performed a set showcasing her own individuality and flair.

A smile twinkled on Pam's face as she set her props on the nearby stool. Before she opened her mouth, I anticipated sass on her tongue, which she delivered with doses of stoicism and self-deprecation.

Last, but not least, Cindy-Ann blessed the stage with her reflective brand of wit. We were invited into the mind of a thoughtful observer as she served us her perspective on married life, empty nest syndrome, squirrels, and more. Using tone and pace, she delivered carefully crafted jokes, confidently anticipating her audience’s chuckles.

Cindy-Ann was most recently spotted at the Villian Theater in Miami sharing a stage with Nadeem Awad, Tatum Price, Cesar Pichardo, and others.

Last weekend she performed at the Square Foot Theatre & Tavern in Connecticut. Follow her on Instagram or Facebook for more updates.


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