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My baby turned two on May 21, 2022

We did it!

The second edition of Tickled came off without a hitch and I'll tell you what, that would not have been possible without the help of my amazing friends in comedy; Sarah Kenny, Lukas Jason and Orlando Gonzalez.

Honestly, I never know what to expect when we put these workshops together. I love working with children and one thing I know for sure is that if you are not ready to get down to their level you will be miserable! But...We were ready and up to the challenge and as comics it's kinda safe to say, we are pretty much at their level. 😂😂😂

This year we hosted the event at Artserve. The atmosphere was different and it took a lot more to keep the kids engaged but in the end it was day well spent. Seriously, where do kids get the energy?

Each child brought their unique style to the workshop sharing individual stories and supporting one another. Kids really do say the darndest thingsk!

We encouraged them to give constructive feedback and were delighted to see them connect and build friendships so effortlessly. Adulting sure sucks the life and sincerity out of us huh?

They LOVED the mic and would light up every single time they were invited to stand before their new friends and deliver their material. It was gratifying.

At the end of workshop, just when the kids thought it was over, we were happy to let them know that the ICE CREAM truck was out back with free ice-cream. That was literally... the 'ice-cream' on the cake (relax, I know that's not the saying...but it is for today.)

Thanks to everyone who contributed to making this event a success. You ARE truly the people who continue to make the world go around.

The attached video captures the essence of Tickled.

See you next time.

Video produced by Abby Ballin

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