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My first comedy festival babeeeee

Well, Boston was delightful! Ok, maybe the streets are wildly confusing, even for a girl from Trinidad and Tobago, but let me tell something to you...the city is vibrant and chill!!!

Stop right here. If you are attempting to read this without reading my previous email...don't. C'mon, no cheating. Let's do this in chronological order so we are all on the same page. Ok? Ok!

Right, as I was saying my trip to Boston was more than I imagined it would be.

First up: I get to the car rental counter and I say to the representative "Annmarie, this is my first time to Boston, treat meh nice"

Annmarie says, in a casual American accent "Where are you from?" of course I respond..."Florida by way of Trinidad and Tobago"

She then leans in and whispers "Gyurl, me too"

We both burst out in laughter! Annmarie 'handles me' as we say in Trini and I make my way to the lot to get my car.

Next up: I arrive at the hotel and the girl at the front desk seems a little too excited to see me. I'm taken aback but figure it's my beautiful smile, effervescent personality coupled with my hair extensions and my bronze melanin that's causing this stir (it's usually the guys but's 2021)

She hands me my room keys and I make my way to the elevator.

Twelve dozen beautiful red roses and a profusion of baby's breath takes MY breath away.

Hubby is definitely working his way to top of my list.

That very evening I headed to the Rockwell Theater to collect my credentials and scope out the scene.

Round 1 of the Prelims boasted a very stacked lineup. I sat there thinking....."wha the arse I doing here? These people funny too bad!"

The next evening I met with my son 'in whom I am very pleased'. I hadn't seen Keegs for about 11 months so yuh know! My heartbeat was on hold until I saw that he looked like he recently showered, had been getting some sleep and was eating well. These millennials have mastered the art of looking like someone stole their ability to 'give a damn'. Keegs looked well. My heart was full.

My lineup was just as stacked. I didn't advance to the semifinal round. I wasn't disappointed. Ok, I was a little sad. Of course I would be. I was honoured and humbled to be a part of the event and look forward to what's next. This was my first competition and although I was riddled with self doubt and fear, I showed up. One day I'll tell more about my self doubt and fears. Last week I was happy to hear people laugh. A lot. I made new 'friends'. I watched other comics face their fears as they got up on that stage and delivered punchline after punchline. I'd like to believe everyone did what they came to do. It was an amazing experience. The Boston Comedy Festival was my first of many and I hope some of you stick it with me on this journey. would think that was enough to make my trip complete. I mean it was a lot. But....get this. My sister-friend of over 30+ years (we met in the life before this one! Ha!) flew from Virginia to Boston, with my goddaughter in tow, and surprised the heck out of me. Let me tell you if life EVER gives you the type of friends I have.........count yourself as LUCKY! I have the most amazing tribe of friends. My TRIBE CALLED BEST!

Anyway, this week I have a few shows you can catch me at. Follow me on social media for more updates.

Hey, and drop me a line. Let me know what you'd like to hear/read more of. Also, if you know anyone, please consider referring yuh girl for gigs.

Love allyuh plenty. Always.

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