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My Mother's prayer

"I am asking God to grant me long life to see you raise your children Cindy-Ann...because I want to see how this will pan out oui." - Jane Frances "Lucille" Boisson

The above was something my mum would say to me on repeat!

Why Cin? Why did she say that to you repeatedly?

Well, I was a very rebellious child. Oh awrite, I was mischievous and stubborn and spoilt and curious and unafraid but also lovable, very witty and cuuuuuute (okay okay you get it!). kinda made it tough to be too harsh with the discipline (most times). Mum was patient. VERY patient. She was stern and growing up it only took one 'look' to get me in line but slowly I started to 'feel mehself' (to think I was too grown for rules) and took more chances.

As I matured (and I use that word loosely), mum knew I wasn't as patient as she. I had (have; only if provoked) a very bad temper. She looked on and would repeat her mantra every opportunity she got; there were many opportunities.

When I learned I was pregnant it took a while before I said anything to mum. I told Dad almost immediately and asked him to please refrain from saying anything to 'Crazow' (a nickname we give to someone we considered crazy). Mum was unpredictable!

One night, against her wishes, I was heading out. As I was leaving she repeated her mantra.

Ok, I should preface this by saying I was still living with my parents when I got pregnant. I was working but it's not uncommon for adults to cohabitate with their parents so don't be giving me that look!

Back to the story.

I went out that night and knew that I had to say something to her, soon! I was sure she saw something in my eye, maybe in my hips, my skin was glowing! She KNEW something was up, I wasn't that big on face cream and to besides Janey was a self proclaimed detective!

The next morning, I walked into her bedroom sat on the bed and said

"I guess you prayed extra hard last night. I'm pregnant."

Without missing a beat. Mum asked

"Do you know who the father is?"

I knoooooooooow. Shut your mouth! I was just as taken aback. Excuse me?

"MUM!!! What kinda question is that?" I enquired

"I doh know Cindy-Ann, you have A LOT of guy friends. Answer the question. Yes or No?"

She was right. I had a lot of male friends (and still do) but I wasn't that type of gyurl, so of course I knew who the father was (I think. I hope. Too late to change anything now anyway. 😁😁😁).

After the awkward exchange of looks, Janey, started putting the wheels in motion. She arranged my first visit to the gynecologist. Although you couldn't tell just by looking at her, she was FULLY invested and VERY excited. She wore the same facial expression for most occasions. Janey rarely outwardly smiled. RARELY.

As the time grew closer to give birth, mum brought out a knotted bag. She had kept my baby diapers and the pins! She kept my baby towel (I still have it today), the outfit I was baptized in, a few bibs, some onesies and a few other items. Keegan used my diapers (she insisted I use cloth diapers and as stubborn and rebellious as I was, I had to. I had to honour her wishes), my towel and if she had her way he would have been baptized in my outfit...I protested!

Janey and I had a strained relationship for most of my teenage years. I refused to hear anything she had to say. I thought I knew better. I doubted she had my best interest at heart. I mean, which teenage girl thinks very highly of their mum? It doesn't mean we don't love them, we just don't think they know what's up! I thought mum was old-fashioned and a real killjoy! Gosh, I would get so angry when she questioned me or gave me advice. Like....does she even understand life? Ha!

I learned differently as I matured (again, I use this very loosely).

She understood life better than most!

Mum was light years ahead of her time. She was smart. Janey was courageous! She was a leader! A trendsetter! She was sexy and she KNEW it! She was bold and outspoken. Mum was incomparable. She was funny as hell! She was LOVED! Mum never said the words 'I love you'. She never did. She didn't need to. She showed it. She showered us with love. She proved her love time and time again. She gave us EVERYTHING and so much more.

One of her favourite things to say to us was 'You never have to ask where it is because it's always here it is'. She reasoned my brother and I were spoilt; she was right.

Today I honour her in so many ways.

The greatest compliment my dad ever gave was that the older I got, the more I remined him of my mum.

YOU can't tell me NUTTEN!

Mum, I love you always. THANK you for the gift of your LOVE and good looks girl AND your wicked sense of humour! Thank YOU for teaching me to be a Mother.

Love ALWAYS Cindy-Ann tongue tongue

Happy Mothers' Day!

Feel Free to share your stories with me! I'd love to hear.
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