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Pink Pink

Growing up we would say silly things like yellow yellow you kiss your fellow or red red yuh pee yuh bed (ouch, I did this for way too many years. More on that some other time. Focus!) or pink pink yuh p**** smellin'... st***...WELP! We USED TO SAY THAT! Typing it feels so wrong but honey, I wouldn't trade my childhood days for nutten! NUTTEN.

Lissen if you could finish the pink pink song you and I both had too much fun growing up. If you cannot finish it, google is your friend.

I say that to say this, I don't recall pink being associated with breast cancer or anything like that growing up. Today it is and honestly, I kinda like it. I like the idea of associating a colour with a cause or even a feeling, like green with envy or blue with sadness, red with love, white with racism. Too much? Relax! I don't make the rules.

Anyway, back to order of the day. This month I had the honour of being a part of two amazing events in the City of Tamarac and it made me feel a kinda way (I hope you were able to make it to at least one!). I LOVE what I do and I love when others show respect and appreciation for the art of comedy.

Both events highlighted cancer awareness and provided an opportunity for women to feel empowered and seen.

Please if you do nothing else, allow yourself to give. Give of your time. Give love. Give effort. Give space. Give grace. To be CAN give to yourself as well so don't give it all away.

Remember you can respond to me and share some thoughts. You can also, share this message with others and you should go follow me on socials. '

Love yuh and live your life in colour. ALL OF THEM

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