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Squirrels (pronounced squirls)

Yep! Drop the 're'!

A few weeks ago, someone relayed a story about a dray (Ha! you didn't even know that's what it's're welcome). She said her neighbor noticed a few 'juveniles' on the curb looking displaced and confused. Ahmm...what?!?!?!  How observant does one need to be to make such an observation? Secondly, all squirrels seem displaced and confused! Personally, I would never know if a squirrel seriously needs my help...........they are always out there behaving like a #crackhead with loot!

Anyway, so the 'juvees' were rescued and the neighbours contributed to help buy '#babysquirrelformula', since the mama squirrel was MIA. Yeah, that's right....'#babysquirrelformula'. Look, I'm not trying to be an ass, but #culturaldissonance is a real thing! You see, where I am from? Those 'juvees' would have been left to sort themselves out and to besides.......nowhere sells #babysquirrelformula.

Then a couple weeks ago.....A guy in #Minnesota thought he drove over a #squirrel (, stopped his car, got out and proceeded to use #cpr to save the squirrel.  Ahmm....what?!?! That's it folks.....I am so done.  

Living in #discord :-)

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