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Summer lit AF with diet vodka

I guess if I have to die of liver failure then at least I can make it look sexy. Now nobody can judge me for filling my Gatorade bottle at the gym with a little mixy when I’m crushing abs on a Sunday morning.

“Eww Keegan you breath wreaks of alcohol do you realize you’re at the gym?!”

“Yes I do realize, that’s why I’m using Diet vodka! Gosh Karen...... look it up.”

Regular vodka is already pretty low in calories but according to research (my own and personal) something about the word diet truly inspires one to get his life in order and simultaneously reduces the stigma of binge drinking; no regrets no calories. Getting wasted not waisted.

Are you prepping for a summer of sailing and sun bathing but you also happen to manage a household of 2+ kids and a man baby and not sure if you’ll manage? Give DV a shot.

By: CinSon

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