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There's so much not to do

Have You Ever Just Sat Down?

Is it me or do many of us suffer from a Chronic Fear of doing nothing? I was talking to my therapist again the other day (Instagram) and they were telling me that feeling guilty about everything that I don’t do on my days off is not actually resting and that that could directly explain my Constant Exhaustion. I’m gasping because it sounds so simple, yet here I am on a Sunday, the Lord’s Day, processing it for you to read in hopes of advancing my writing career.

Great. I’ve turned my reflection about how difficult it is to relax into an attempted hustle. I mean it never stops. I can’t recall where I first picked up this habit but I do vividly remember every weekend that I was called lazy for lying horizontally for too long. Nobody is to blame honestly, the circumstances we live under force irrational behavior methods to become the norm. Every detail of our daily lives in desperate need of sprucing up, every habit awaiting a fix.

The other day I had some free time before work so I built a shelf. When I was done with that I began to meal-prep and ended up reaching late! Stress. This is not what we left the comfort of the Jungles for. I do not want to spend my life working nor thinking about work and I am afraid of folks who do this proudly.

I’m still at the point where my nerves are shot from applying the sheer force necessary to sit still and breathe, but I’m working on it; no pun intended. The irony involved is that in order for more time and space to practice this practice, one must push harder for longer. I reject this notion. I do not have an alternative at this very moment but I’m certain one will present itself soon.

Until then my plan is to sit more often, inhale deeply and take Vitamin D supplements. And you seriously should too. Learn how to relax before you lose the choice, all that blood pumping is not ideal. So get right to it. There’s so much to not do!

Contributed by Keegan Jean

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