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They Too Mauvais Langue

Updated: Apr 29, 2018

Who would have 'thunk' it ?

Four sold out shows! It's April 2018 and I have produced FOUR SOLD OUT shows! Say whaaat?!?

I vaguely remember a friend telling me about this lady who was interested in having a comedy show at her restaurant...blah blah blah (I was at a cooler party and well, of course I was doing what was expected of me, drinking the sangria I concocted for the occasion - I'm not sure when but I have been appointed the official 'sangria maker'!). I was alcoholically merry! Fast forward two months later, I am at the restaurant chatting with the owner and she has asked me to produce a comedy show. Ahmm....NO! Me a producer? Absofuckinglutely never! Not only was she asking me to produce the show, she was adamant that I take responsibility for promoting the show as well Who DAT.....Me? Yuh mussbe mad (that's how we say absofuckinglutely never in Trini).

My friend convinced me that I should do the show since I have only always ever said how much I would love the opportunity to have my own show. What should I call this damn production? 'Laugh and Lime', 'Giggles and Grog'.... A friend suggested *'Mauvais Langue' and I dropped the gavel!  The date was set - The first Mauvais Langue production would take place on October 30, 2016.

'Ahmm....NO! Me a producer? Absofuckinglutely never!'

October 30, 2016 doors opened at 3pm and the curtains came down at 7pm! I did it! With the help and support of some truly amazing friends the show was a success!

April 6, 2017 doors opened at 5:30pm and the curtains came down at 9pm. July 16, 2017 doors opened at 3pm and the curtains came down at 7pm. March 4, 2018 doors opened at 4:30pm and the curtains came down at 7:30pm.

Four sold out shows later and I'm currently planning my fifth.....Fuh trut!

*Mauvais Langue - Bad talk. Gossip.

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