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What if......

A decade what ifs:

What if I never did a standup comedy workshop?

What if standup comedy wasn't even a thing?

What if my son never left for college?

What if I never had a son?

What if each time I was told no, I listened?

What if I was never told no?

What if no one had a sense of humour?

What if the laughter never stopped?

What if I gave up, gave in and/or just never gave a shit?

What if I never gave up, gave or always gave a shit or took a shit?

What if I didn't believe?

What if I alone believed?

What if no one cared?

What if they did?

What if........

B.Y.O.B was as a result of me giving space for all the what ifs.

I knew I wanted to honour ten years. I had another idea in mind but when that didn't work out I thought...what if I try something different and new?

Thank you to Pumpers Inc, Camerino Law, Mascots Inc and Barbara for coming on board to support the mission.

Thanks to Giselle and Tony Tilokee for graciously opening up their homes to us.

Thanks to each of you who showed up and participated because of you the event was wonderful and beyond anything any of us imagined it would be.

Thank you to my Tribe called BESS! YOU NEVAH FAIL TO SHOW UP!

Glad bag BUSS!

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