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What's in a name?

'Our next comic coming to the stage happens to be a very good friend of mine blah blah blah.....let's bring on stage CinCin BOYSON'!  It happens every.....single.....time.  Every. Single. Time.  Look, I get it, Boisson is not the most common name. It's French in origin but...get this, in English it means drink/beverage.  Ahmmmm......Seriously.........who doesn't enjoy a good drink?  People should know the word for drink in every fucking language is all I'm saying. 

People seem to struggle with the pronunciation even after I have repeated it slowly or even taken the phonetic know....'BWA-SAW'. People are quick to fix their lips to say 'Schwarzenegger', they'll muster up the energy into saying 'I'm living the dream' (btw, you're not)......BUT......cannot manage 'Boisson'? *Steups........listen here.......Insufficient Boissons will result in dehydration; quench your thirst Framily! Get it right :-)

Cindy-Ann Jane

*To suck air through the teeth.

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